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I spent a large portion of my teenage years buried in books and a vivid imagination which I gave up when I began a decades-plus commercial career.

Fortunately, marketing is a life science, so people who were the subjects of my many books and fantasies have remained my object professionally.

Today, I maintain a profound knowledge of people and business. Combing these, I design and operationalize marketing and communications strategies, write across a broad range of subjects, teach life practices and in-demand marketing skills.

My superpowers include Hope, Empathy, Storytelling, and a Love of Learning.  

About Me: About Me



Founder, CEO Voice
Co-founder, Supply Chain Africa


VP Marketing; Board Executive; National Black MBA Association; Dallas-Ft.Worth Chapter
Alumna; AIESEC International


Fellow; The Royal Society of Arts Manufactures and Commerce (RSA)Member; (MCIM) Chartered Institute of Marketing UK.

Member; Association for Supply Chain Management

Member; Arlington Chamber of Commerce

Associate Member; Women in Management, Business, and Entrepreneurship

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